Our Summer 2016 Film Interns!

Hannah Bishop, George Washington University

I am going into my junior year at The George Washington University with a major in communication.  I have always been interested in PR and the role it plays in media.  In particular, this internship has taught me the ins and outs of PR in the film industry and, even more so, has shown me the important role PR plays in ensuring the success of big events.   

So far, one of the most exciting parts of this internship (besides feeling like I’m somehow more closely connected to celebrities) has been the films I’ve gotten to watch. The documentaries featured at the AFI Docs film festival bring up issues and shed light on parts of our society that I think everyone should learn about. It’s these interesting stories that make coming to this internship every day even more of a learning experience.   

Not only am I learning about PR and communications, but I am also learning more about social issues, different cultures, and present policy concerns.  I’m excited to be part of a team that helps share these stories with the public and am even more excited about what else I’ll learn in the remainder of my time at PR Collaborative. 

Fun facts: I’m originally from Chicago and love big cities and coffee. I have a British passport, and my most prized possessions are my Ellen DeGeneres cooking apron and my TV. I watch the series finale of Parenthood whenever I’m bored and am determined to be a contestant on Survivor.

Samantha Blumberg, Washington University in St. Louis

Entering Washington University in Saint Louis as a freshman two years ago, I had little to no idea which field of work I was aiming for. However, my simulated team of Nigerian government officials had successfully extorted several hundreds of thousands of dollars from our simulated citizens in AP Comparative Politics the year before, so I decided to declare my Political Science major later that year. 

In the following years, as I experimented with Olin Business school classes, I discovered a passion for marketing and communications, deciding that ideally, I’d find an overlap between public relations and public policy.

As I considered potential internships for the summer of 2016, PR Collaborative proved to strike the perfect balance. I ultimately applied for the AFI DOCS media relations internship amidst my star-struck realization that my favorite documentary director, Alex Gibney, (Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief) would be featuring Zero Days in the annual film festival. However, by my first several weeks as a PR Collaborative intern, I had already gained so much more than I had initially imagined. 

Having access to the many moving and brilliant documentaries being featured in the festival has provided me with new, first-hand insight into some of the most pressing current policy issues as well as a new-found appreciation for the documentary production and the filmmaking industry as a whole. I have learned how to organize and coordinate media involvement and promotion, and I could not be more thrilled to experience the amazing final product of all of our hard work. I now hope to look into future film-related PR career options and am so grateful to have had this incredible opportunity.

Fun Facts: One time I crashed a speed boat into a mountain, I play tennis often and poorly, and I survived the Bermuda Triangle at age nine.

Julie Guacci, University of Maryland, College Park

I graduated in May from the University of Maryland, College Park with a dual degree in Marketing and History and a citation in International Studies from the College Park Scholars program. I have always been interested in working in entertainment, not only because I live just outside of New York City but also because I have been performing on stage since elementary school. Last summer, I interned at Signature Theatre Company in New York and gained an understanding of how to market new shows to the public and the process of getting a show from its early stages to opening night. I jumped at the chance to work at PR Collaborative this summer to learn about film marketing and PR and further my experience with the intersection of business and entertainment as I look to apply to full-time positions this fall.

As a film marketing and PR intern for PR Collaborative, I have been able to apply my knowledge from my undergraduate studies and professional experience to help design promotional efforts and perform research in the context of film openings and press days. I am enjoying learning about the inner workings of PR and pitching to local media outlets. I can definitely see a possibility of pursuing a film-related career in the future.

Fun Facts about me: At the University of Maryland, I was a National Anthem Singer and have sung at nearly every athletic event, from field hockey and lacrosse to men's basketball among many others. I studied abroad in Italy for a classics program, traveling to Rome and Sorrento for three weeks.