Lizzy Gendell, Foodie

I am a 2017 Policy Intern at PR Collaborative and senior at George Washington University majoring in American Studies with a minor in sustainability. This combination has allowed me to explore the intersection of the environment, food, health, and social issues. I am extremely passionate about finding a way to bring healthy food to all people in the context of public health. Previously, I have worked at a local food magazine, on urban farms, and at non-profits that focus on poverty and working with people experiencing homelessness. 

As a passionate foodie, biker, and runner, I often think about the ways cities shape our lives. I’ve been able to explore this curiosity and passion so far at PR Collaborative while working with the Build Health Challenge and CityHealth. Both focus on different aspects of public health and the social determinants of health with topics such as food safety, food access, transportation, education, etc. I look forward to learning more about ins and outs of public relations and how PR Collaborative seamlessly facilitates, maintains, and enhances these fascinating projects!

Fun facts: I love running and training for marathons, I worked on a farm in Montana this summer, and I am constantly cooking and baking new recipes.