Lizzy Gendell, Foodie

I am a 2017 Policy Intern at PR Collaborative and senior at George Washington University majoring in American Studies with a minor in sustainability. This combination has allowed me to explore the intersection of the environment, food, health, and social issues. I am extremely passionate about finding a way to bring healthy food to all people in the context of public health. Previously, I have worked at a local food magazine, on urban farms, and at non-profits that focus on poverty and working with people experiencing homelessness. 

As a passionate foodie, biker, and runner, I often think about the ways cities shape our lives. I’ve been able to explore this curiosity and passion so far at PR Collaborative while working with the Build Health Challenge and CityHealth. Both focus on different aspects of public health and the social determinants of health with topics such as food safety, food access, transportation, education, etc. I look forward to learning more about ins and outs of public relations and how PR Collaborative seamlessly facilitates, maintains, and enhances these fascinating projects!

Fun facts: I love running and training for marathons, I worked on a farm in Montana this summer, and I am constantly cooking and baking new recipes. 

Meet Our Fall 2016 Policy Interns

Allee White, University of Virginia

I graduated from the University of Virginia in May, and for the first time in four years, I haven’t had to play Two Truths and a Lie as a class icebreaker, and I’ve realized I (kind of) miss it. Indulge me, please:

1)    I’ve been in three car accidents and owned three cars in my 22 years

2)    My full name is Allee Lee White

3)    I almost missed a flight out of Japan after taking the metro to the wrong airport

So, which one is the lie? Here’s a little more information about myself that (might) help you figure it out:

I graduated from UVa with a double major in Media Studies and Foreign Affairs, so working as a policy intern with PR Collaborative has been a perfect way to combine my interests in media and politics. One of the most exciting aspects of this internship is the opportunity to work on projects that genuinely matter to me: the current presidential election and the issue of inequality. Local Voices is a super PAC that produces political ads featuring honest opinions of ordinary people and airs those ads in the locality in which they were filmed. In a presidential election in which trust has become a huge deciding factor for voters, it’s powerful to hear how a member of your community decided to cast their vote. I’m also thrilled to work with the BUILD Health Challenge. This innovative organization strives to improve public health and reduce the disadvantages many Americans face when it comes to being healthy.

So, which one is the lie? Thankfully, my parents were not cruel enough to name me “Allee Lee”- my actual full name is Allison Lee White. 

Amanda Berman, George Washington University


Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, I always had a passion for media, writing, and politics, which led me to go to George Washington University in the heart of Washington, DC. As a current sophomore studying Mass Communications and Journalism, I have been able to delve deeper into my passions at GW and by interning this fall at PR Collaborative’s policy department. 

At PR Collaborative, I have already been able to dig my heels in and learn about the firm's fascinating clientele. Whether working with a public health client like BUILD Health or working with the political ad campaign Local Voices, the work that we do here makes change in people's lives. When I think of the PR Industry, I usually do not associate it with impacting major social or political change throughout America, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  The work we do at PR Collaborative is incredibly rewarding to be a part of. 

Fun Facts: I have an unhealthy addiction to People Magazine, the color pink, big cities, Netflix, the University of Louisville Cardinals, and exploring the District of Columbia. At GW, I am involved with GW TV, GW Her Campus, and Epsilon Sigma Alpha GW’s only community service sorority. 


PR Collaborative is seeking an Account Supervisor!

PR Collaborative is seeking an Account Supervisor to join our thriving policy division. You’ll work with think tanks, foundations, and nonprofits on a range of issues. Recent projects have included a national awards program incentivizing upstream solutions to public health, a national polling initiative to assess voter opinions on food and agriculture issues, and a political ad campaign led by a Democratic Super PAC.

Leadership and management skills are critical for success in this position. You will be leading a lean but dynamic team with one direct report and several interns. You will serve as a day-to-day contact for clients and works in close collaboration with the President and Owner of PR Collaborative.

This position is ideal for self-directed, entrepreneurial individuals. We know that there will be a transition phase, but as you become comfortable with your role, you will be leading the policy team predominantly on your own initiative. It is critical that this person seeks help and feedback when needed but is able to manage his or her own time and clients without constant oversight.

PR Collaborative has its roots in media relations, and a successful job applicant will be used to creating and executing national, trade, and local media campaigns. The scope of this position goes beyond media relations, however, and encompasses social media (both ongoing and for banner events), creative development, internal communications, and more. Excellent writing skills are a fundamental requirement for the position of Account Supervisor.

Required skills

Key responsibilities of this position include:

·      Project / time management

o   Setting and meeting deadlines

o   Managing competing priorities

o   Ensuring all team members and partners understand timeline

o   Anticipating potential delays and mitigating or preventing negative consequences

o   Holding third party vendors and contractors accountable to project timelines

·      Client management

o   Leading client meetings

o   Defining key client deliverables

o   Reporting on campaign metrics and milestones

o   Ensuring client satisfaction by proactively addressing challenges and delivering high quality work

·      Public relations / strategic communications experience

o   Delivering high quality written materials across platforms: blog posts, press releases, social media, and more

o   Editing internal and client work for publication

o   Building and maintaining media outreach lists

o   Defining and delivering client deliverables

o   Developing meeting agendas and leading strategy sessions

o   Collaborating with or leading design processes on behalf of clients, both internally and with vendors

o   Creating wrap and end-of-year reports for internal and external use

o   Media relationships a plus but not required

o   Understanding SEO basics a plus but not required

·      Management / leadership experience

o   Clearly communicating project goals and desired outcomes to policy team, including direct report and interns

o   Providing feedback and growth opportunities for team members

o   Taking ownership for the policy portfolio’s success

Preferred but not required skills for applicants include:

·      Subject matter expertise

o   Knowledge or interest in public health, food/agriculture policy, progressive politics, urban issues, and more

Salary / benefits

Salary commensurate with experience. PR Collaborative has a very generous benefits package, vacation, paid sick leave, 401K, and comprehensive health insurance.

To apply

Please submit cover letter and resume to Avalon Swindell Jones at Up to three work samples are appreciated but not required. Finalists will be asked for references. 

Our Summer 2016 Policy Interns!

Alexis Lazarus, George Washington University

I’m a rising junior at the George Washington University (GWU) majoring in Communications with a Public Health minor. With a passion for public health and an interest in media and public relations, I’m excited to see the interplay between public relations and public health and discover how I can use my skills to influence both. 

So far as a policy intern at PR Collaborative, I’ve been able to learn about the BUILD Health Challenge and gain an understanding of the connection between primary care and public health. I love to work with people and learn about their communities to get a sense of the challenges they face. I’m excited to do more research in public health and my work here has already sparked an interest in me to pursue PR and public health in the future!

Fun facts about me: I’m originally from New Jersey and have a passion for cities and travel. Whether it’s New York or DC, I love to explore the culture of the people around me in terms of food and history. At GWU, I am involved in TEDx Foggy Bottom, an independently organized event that brings 20 TED talks to the Foggy Bottom area every year for a day-long conference. It’s my favorite event of the spring semester! 

Victoria Frost, Davidson College

I am a rising junior at Davidson College studying political science and public health. My interest in the intersection of public health and PR began when I helped lead a student-led symposium addressing the growing concerns of the U.S. Food System. After heading up media relations for the symposium, I became interested in how PR shapes public policy conversations. At the same time, I find studying public health so engaging because it is increasingly interdisciplinary. For example, in order to understand nutrition, we must take into consideration the politics behind food provision, the environmental sustainability of urbanization, and the science behind agricultural practices.

After attending Bringing Public Health and Primary Care Together: The Practical Playbook National Meeting, I was inspired to learn more about the collaboration between primary care and public health. Last summer, I interned at a hospital where I instructed patients with congestive heart failure how to change their lifestyles and diets. The volunteering program I was a part of existed, in large part, because the hospital hoped to reduce the number of fines it received due to early re-admittances. After many phone conversations with discharged patients, I learned quickly that there were obstacles to complying with the doctor’s orders. The issue I found most concerning also had the simplest solution—patients couldn’t comply with doctor’s orders if they didn’t understand the doctor’s medical jargon. Health literacy seemed like a simple solution. The next year, I took a newfound passion for health education to Davidson and taught a cooking class for 4th and 5th graders to encourage healthy eating. I wanted to encourage lessons about nutrition at an early age. From both of these experiences, I learned the importance of spreading awareness of public health issues.

I’m looking forward to working more on the BUILD Health Challenge because I am very interested in how a community collaboration can make a lasting impact on the social determinants of health in a city. I have so much to learn from the team here at PR Collaborative and I’m grateful for the opportunity to research about public health and PR. 

Kate Reutersward Publishes Chapter in The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together

PR Collaborative first started working with the Practical Playbook in 2013 as we prepared to publicly launch this exciting collaboration in March 2014 between the de Beaumont Foundation, Duke Community and Family Medicine, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Throughout the course of our work, we’ve seen the Practical Playbook evolve from a web-based resource to much more.  

In October 2015, the team behind the Practical Playbook movement released their first textbook, The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together, published by Oxford University Press. Drawing on the experiences of both public health and primary care professionals, it offers a roadmap for both sectors to more effectively collaborate across traditional silos and advance population health. 

Among the case studies, data resources, and commentaries from national leaders was a chapter by PR Collaborative’s Kate Reutersward, “Leveraging Media.” Aimed at professionals from outside the communications field, it outlines different areas of opportunity (from social media to formal media relations) and distills cornerstones of public relations knowledge (like the difference between message and news) to a few key principles.

Industry journals have received The Practical Playbook with positive reviews. The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice described it as "highly recommended for offering insight and guidance on bridging the gap between primary care and public health.”

Interested to learn more? An adapted version of Kate’s chapter is available online at the Practical Playbook, and you can also find the full Practical Playbook textbook for sale on Amazon



Meet Our Spring 2016 Policy Interns!

Tess Palladino

I’m a senior at The George Washington University studying international affairs. I discovered my love for public relations and communications recently and have enjoyed immersing myself in the world of media. In addition to my media interest, I have a passion for food and culture.

During my time so far at PR Collaborative, I’ve learned a lot and been given exposure to different aspects of public relations. I’ve been working on the policy aspect of public health and learning how PR impacts the field. I enjoy researching the public health industry and learning about all of the critical work that public health officials deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’ve also witnessed how film PR works and the ins and outs of word-of-mouth screenings. I’m looking forward to learning more about policy PR, and to honing my skills to contribute more to the office and further my endeavors.

Fun facts: I love all things pink, plaid, and polka dots (but not together). When I’m not at yoga or Soul Cycle, you can find me in the cheese section of Whole Foods crafting the perfect cheese board.

Nora Sanzo

 I too am a senior at George Washington University majoring in international affairs and public health. My interest for public relations has been steadily growing ever since I became a college student and noticed the great impact it had on my daily life. Being in a city like Washington D.C., I’ve been able to connect with many people in the field of PR and communications. The combination of public health and public relations here at PR Collaborative is a perfect match for me.

As a policy intern, I’ve had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the media and communications process. From day one, I was given responsibilities for each policy client such as researching healthcare trends, gathering information for directors and developing more knowledge regarding public health in all aspects of the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to work closely with a team so passionate about similar things. My prior knowledge of public health has helped me understand PR Collaborative's work, but I’m so excited to continue to learn from everyone in the office.

Fun facts: Originally from Texas, I’m a huge fan of football and salsa. My passion for health can be seen daily as I am a personal trainer and competitive power lifter. I apparently love D.C. and GW so much as I just finished applying for the Master of Public Health Communications and Marketing program. I look forward to sticking around for another two years!

Big Cities Health Inventory Launch

PR Collaborative was thrilled to be part of the successful launch of the Big Cities Health Inventory (BCHI) by the Big Cities Health Coalition. The BCHI report assessed the state of urban health in 26 cities while making an unprecedented database of urban health data available online at

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 3.05.27 PM.png

The BCHI's key findings included: 

  1. While significant challenges remain, cities have improved health outcomes, both when compared with their standing in 2007 and when compared with the nation as a whole.
  2. Health disparities between black and white Americans remain, while the health of Hispanics outpaces the general population.
  3. Cities are on track to meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Healthy People 2020 goals.

In support of the release, PR Collaborative developed a media campaign to reach out to national, trade, and local press. In coordination with the press offices of the 26 health departments included in the BCHI, PR Collaborative created local pitches and managed the execution of the outreach leading up to the release on November 18. Media coverage included: 

As part of the digital strategy for the BCHC, PR Collaborative designed and executed the development of the "Data and Research Center" on the existing BCHC website. This new section was unveiled simultaneously with the release of the BCHI and now provides a home for previous academic work, including the publication of a special supplement edition of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and 12 case studies highlighting innovations and best practices emerging out of local health departments.