Meet Our 2016 Film Intern!

Michelle Cohn, George Washington University


I am a junior at George Washington University majoring in American Studies and double minoring in Journalism/Mass Communication and French. I’m particularly interested in the power of film, and what we can learn about a society from the entertainment they produce. Being at PR Collaborative has given me an inside look at all the work and research that goes into press screenings, grassroots publicity, and partnering with larger institutions for events!

PR Collaborative gives lots of hands-on opportunities to learn the specifics of publicizing films. Attending the press screening for the film DENIAL was a great experience because I got an inside look at how screenings are organized and executed. On top of that, I got to see an amazing movie about an important and meaningful topic that continues to be relevant today.

PR Collaborative helps filmmakers spread their message and challenge audiences to think critically about culture and society. I’m so happy to be working with such a great time of smart, hard-working individuals, and I get excited every time I see a film we work with go out into the market!

Fun Facts: I sing in an all-female a cappella group, I’m on the Executive Board for a student theater company, and I enjoy impressionist artwork, stand-up comedy, and bagels.

Meet Our Spring 2016 Film Interns!

Brianna Hall

I’ve learned a few unexpected things at PR Collaborative so far: wearing a sweater featuring a white tiger is great, not everyone likes zombies, and if given the opportunity to attend a free screening, you should (because it’s someone’s job to get you to go).

Hi, I’m Brianna, and I’m a film intern.

My knowledge of film stemmed from watching obscure Netflix recommendations on the couch with my mom every night after dinner in high school. Let me back up. I grew up in a wicked small town in Maine. We didn’t have a movie theatre, the video store was in the Laundromat, and the internet would go down during every blizzard. Good times, right? I grew up watching VHS versions of Shrek, XXX: State of the Union, and Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams – this is where I’m drawing my critical cinema eye from.

As an intern, it’s my job to convince people to move past the binge-worthy Netflix choices, leave their apartments, and watch a decent feature film in a movie theatre with popcorn. I love it, and who wouldn’t love free films?

Aside from PR Collaborative, I’m a sophomore at American University majoring in public relations and strategic communications with a minor in international relations. I’m interested in traveling, living abroad, and new languages. This summer, I’ll spend two months in Colombia at an Eco-Yoga retreat re-finding my inner Zen, after losing it during my commute to Georgetown twice a week this semester. You can often find me in coffee shops drinking almond milk mochas or watching Criminal Minds in my dorm’s twin bed.

It’s the Suite Life of Brianna Hall, film intern.

Martin Valderruten

I have always been fascinated by the entertainment world, and I feel so lucky to be able to combine my love of PR and movies with such a unique and exciting internship.

I was born in Colombia, South America, but grew up South Florida. My father would always take me to my local movie theater growing up, and we would spend afternoons watching movies. So it’s not surprising that film became my largest passion in life, along with English and adventures. I’m pursuing pursuing a major in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish, with the goal of ultimately going into the PR industry and opening my own firm.

PR Collaborative has rolled out the red carpet by making this internship both interesting and engaging. Not only have I started to learn about the organization, but I also learned how to deal with clients and the general public when debuting a new film. Any intern with PR Collaborative is in for an amazing opportunity. This is a hands-on opportunity to learn not only about PR, but also, about how film is able to change the world one documentary at a time.

Meet Our Spring 2016 Policy Interns!

Tess Palladino

I’m a senior at The George Washington University studying international affairs. I discovered my love for public relations and communications recently and have enjoyed immersing myself in the world of media. In addition to my media interest, I have a passion for food and culture.

During my time so far at PR Collaborative, I’ve learned a lot and been given exposure to different aspects of public relations. I’ve been working on the policy aspect of public health and learning how PR impacts the field. I enjoy researching the public health industry and learning about all of the critical work that public health officials deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’ve also witnessed how film PR works and the ins and outs of word-of-mouth screenings. I’m looking forward to learning more about policy PR, and to honing my skills to contribute more to the office and further my endeavors.

Fun facts: I love all things pink, plaid, and polka dots (but not together). When I’m not at yoga or Soul Cycle, you can find me in the cheese section of Whole Foods crafting the perfect cheese board.

Nora Sanzo

 I too am a senior at George Washington University majoring in international affairs and public health. My interest for public relations has been steadily growing ever since I became a college student and noticed the great impact it had on my daily life. Being in a city like Washington D.C., I’ve been able to connect with many people in the field of PR and communications. The combination of public health and public relations here at PR Collaborative is a perfect match for me.

As a policy intern, I’ve had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the media and communications process. From day one, I was given responsibilities for each policy client such as researching healthcare trends, gathering information for directors and developing more knowledge regarding public health in all aspects of the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to work closely with a team so passionate about similar things. My prior knowledge of public health has helped me understand PR Collaborative's work, but I’m so excited to continue to learn from everyone in the office.

Fun facts: Originally from Texas, I’m a huge fan of football and salsa. My passion for health can be seen daily as I am a personal trainer and competitive power lifter. I apparently love D.C. and GW so much as I just finished applying for the Master of Public Health Communications and Marketing program. I look forward to sticking around for another two years!