Our team is composed of veterans of the communications industry. Our successes range from working with nonprofits to better market their unique programs and services to influencing successful legislation through strategic use of the media.



With a rich background in public policy and journalism, Jamie creates communication plans that put her clients in the national spotlight—and keeps them there. Whether it’s managing a crisis, devising long-term strategies, or assembling top-notch teams to execute campaigns, Jamie’s boundless enthusiasm and insider’s perspective add clarity and credence to any project.

Jamie has her roots in political communication, and the second phase of her career, in which Robert Redford pushed her to leverage her skills in national advocacy to start a thriving film public relations business, came later. Jamie is a Maryland native (and proud University of Maryland grad) who has been living and working in the metro DC area for the better part of thirty years. It is thanks to Jamie’s sterling recommendations from past clients — the product of hard work, brilliantly structured campaigns, and deep relationships with top tier media entities and leading journalists — that her firm has been so successful for so long.

A former D.C.-based television news writer and producer, Jamie served as press secretary to U.S. Representative Sam Gejdenson of Connecticut during his historic 1994 21-vote victory. She promoted an agenda that included campaign finance reform, healthcare reform, and environmental and trade issues. After Capitol Hill, Jamie was named Communications Director for Handgun Control, Inc. and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. She served as a spokesperson for Jim and Sarah Brady and was a lead strategist for gun control and education initiatives.

Opening her own firm in 1997, Jamie has served a variety of clients including the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, The Henry L. Stimson Center, the Collaborative Initiatives at MIT, and the World Wildlife Fund. Jamie quickly developed a reputation within environmental advocacy circles, which led her to a project with the Sundance Climate Innovation Summit, held at Sundance and funded by Robert Redford’s foundation.

That engagement changed the course of PR Collaborative and opened the door for Jamie’s talents in film and entertainment promotion to take root. When a local publicity partner failed to live up to its contract for the promotion of a Redford film in DC, he called someone he trusted to get the job done — Jamie Shor. From there, the film portfolio expanded to its current state: the agency of record in DC for four major film festivals, Bleecker Street, Magnolia Pictures, Roadside Attractions, Screen Gems (a division of Sony) and an ongoing partner for SE Theaters, Hulu, and Netflix.

Jamie also has a long career in the arts outside of her work with PR Collaborative. She is the co-founder of the Impact Arts and Film Fund, which produced the Impact Film Festival at the 2008 and 2012 Democratic and Republican Conventions as well as the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The festival was featured multiple times in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, National Journal, The Hill, Roll Call and many other publications.



Renée joined PR Collaborative in 2009 fresh from Los Angeles where she worked as a film publicist for independent, documentary, and foreign films. Since joining PR Collaborative, she has led the entertainment portfolio as it has grown to become the premiere film PR company for political and issue driven films. Renee’s career has also included leading Oscar campaigns for some of the best documentaries of the last decade, including CITIZENFOUR (2015 Winner, Best Documentary), CARTEL LAND, RESTREPO, THE ACT OF KILLING, and THE LOOK OF SILENCE, among others.

PR Collaborative has spearheaded national specialty campaigns for some of the most notable and impactful documentaries in recent years including CITIZENFOUR, HUMAN FLOW, BLACKFISH, THE LOOK OF SILENCE, THE ACT OF KILLING, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, CARTEL LAND, ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL, LIFE ITSELF, DOLORES, WEINER, THE INVISIBLE WAR, RESTREPO, and THE HOUSE I LIVE IN. Renée also helmed the Washington releases of breakthrough narratives including LADY BIRD, THE FLORIDA PROJECT,  BABY DRIVER, I, TONYA, TANGERINE, TRUMBO, CHI-RAQ, LOVE & MERCY and DEAR WHITE PEOPLE. Her work in Los Angeles focused on national release and Oscar campaigns for films such as MILK, BURN AFTER READING, CORALINE, PAN’S LABYRINTH, PARIS, JE T’AIME, JESUS CAMP and THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO.

Magnolia Pictures brought the PR Collaborative on to BLACKFISH in March 2013. In watching the story of Sea World’s inhuman treatment of its iconic orcas unfold, Renee recognized an opportunity to amplify the film and its message through animal rights organizations. Renee worked with PETA to create a campaign specifically for BLACKFISH to leverage the organization’s 6.5M+ membership and create a groundswell of support for the film. BLACKFISH went on to become one of the highest grossing documentaries of 2013 and shattered viewership records when it aired on CNN in fall 2013. BLACKFISH is largely credited for changing public perception of Sea World and captive animal entertainment.

In 2016, Renee spearheaded a partnership with The Sierra Club to magnify the message of conservation behind the film CAPTAIN FANTASTIC. Actor Viggo Mortensen recorded two PSAs on behalf of The Sierra Club (in English and Spanish) to celebrate the National Parks Service Centennial.

Prior to her career in public relations Renée worked in the news media, which included positions at CNN, MSNBC and Air America Radio. She holds a B.S. in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.



An experienced entertainment marketing executive with a strong record of building visibility and equity for creative brands and the organizations behind them, Elissa fully invests with the same determination and commitment towards success whether multi-million dollar properties or boutique start-ups. Drawn to values-based companies with a progressive vision, passion and collaborative participation, she has deft skill to deliver resourceful and impactful tactical campaigns across multiple platforms, with expertise in strategic planning, building partnerships/alliances, PR, media, campaign management and talent relations.

At New Line Cinema, she led the PR team that launched some of the film industry’s most profitable franchises, including THE LORD OF THE RINGS (winning 11 Academy Awards for THE RETURN OF THE KING), AUSTIN POWERS, RUSH HOUR and FRIDAY THE 13th, as well as the critically acclaimed SEVEN, ELF, BOOGIE NIGHTS, HISTORY OF VIOLENCE among others.

At FilmDistrict,  She was part of the executive team that successfully re-launched the studio. The PR-driven campaigns for titles like INSIDIOUS 2 and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN enabled the company to dramatically exceed industry projections—setting the foundation for a merger with Focus Features in the process.

She oversaw the PR and marketing integrations at BH Tilt, a division of Blumhouse, which developed a model for hyper-targeted theatrical distribution backed by digitally heavy campaigns and earned media. The model required crafting PR campaigns with stealth precision and creativity to raise profile and and leverage a limited budget.

Elissa joined Conscious Good, a start-up streaming media company committed to “conscious content”  as a marketing consultant, developing social campaigns and brand partnerships.  She then became the director of the Inaugural Humanitarian Film Festival in support of the UN, curating short films from all over the world, while using the digital platform for audience development and content acquisition.



Elizabeth supports PR Collaborative’s film portfolio, working on media strategy and outreach. She has worked on the Washington, DC releases of films and TV series including THE HANDMAID’S TALE, THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST, CRIME + PUNISHMENT, DARK MONEY, APOLLO 11, ASK DR. RUTH, KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE and RBG. She also handles publicity and press outreach for film festivals such as AFI DOCS, the Meet the Press Film Festival and Middleburg Film Festival.

Prior to joining PR Collaborative, Elizabeth gained experience in communications, digital marketing, and event management through global internships and student leadership opportunities.

Elizabeth graduated from Boston University in May 2017 with a BS in Business Administration (with a concentration in Marketing) and a minor in English.



Madison supports PR Collaborative’s film portfolio, working on media strategy and grassroots outreach for various projects. Prior to joining PR Collaborative, Madison was also a founding member of a student-run PR agency and held numerous communications internships, where she gained PR, marketing, and social media experience.

Madison graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May 2018 with a BA in Advertising / Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.



Annalise supports PR Collaborative’s film portfolio, working on media and grassroots outreach for various projects. During her college career, Annalise held numerous communications internships where she gained valuable experience in the realm of public affairs, media, communications, and marketing. These internships gave her the opportunity to work on a documentary film campaign, on Capitol Hill, and at a global communications consulting firm. 

Annalise graduated from American University in May 2018 with a BA in Public Relations and Strategic Communications and a minor in Marketing.